Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saltmine Baru...


Agaknya kalau rakan2 yg buka blog ni mesti bosan, dah lamaa tak update. hi hi. Sori la ye...sejak pindah ke saltmine baru ni, tak begitu berkesempatan la nak buat benda2 sampingan ni(tapi dulu pun mcm ni jugak hi hi)

Yes, I've resigned from my old workplace - AirAsia Berhad - and now I'm working in Subang Airport, still as an aircraft engineer, only in a slight different environtment. Nearer to base, only approx. 20 minutes. Less time for me to mobile QSO. Hmm...but more time on weekends...yes, for family outings & possibly Ham Radio activities.

So friends, please take note, I'm still alive & available for QSO, although a bit QRL.

For new friends, you can view me (9w2azx) via qrz.com , Myradioham blog, Mycallsign or Facebook .

-73 de 9w2azx-